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Party Hostess

Saturdays & Sundays 9:AM to 7:00PM Only 

$10 Per Hour Plus Tip

Love kids? Looking for a flexible, friendly place to grow your career?

Consider the possibilities as a Store Manager at Party N Glow.

We are an upscale boutique style salon/spa and birthday party venue for girls age 3-13. If you enjoy working in a fashionable fast-paced work environment and you take a meticulous approach to your task, we’re interested in hearing from you.


  • Review schedules prior to the events and ensure that each party is greeted by name.

  • Meet the birthday family at the door, with a positive attitude.

  • Maintain good multitasking skills while providing exceptional customer service to multiple parties at once.

  • Greet party guest as they arrive and ensure that they have been checked in.

  • Great communication with the Party parents throughout the party is expected. Parents should know your name and that you are the party host. 

  • Have the party area set up prior to the Guest arrival. Assist them with any decorations they have brought and ensure that management is made aware of any items running low in stock.

  • Attend to all guest throughout the party and provide exceptional customer service throughout the entire party experience.

  • Apply nail polish, face painting, hair braiding/ hair up-do

  • Serve guest with cake/cupcake... light candles and sing (unless Mom wants to do this)

  • Clear all dirty dishes, silverware, and napkins from the guest tables.

  • Refill coolers/carts, take out trash, restock carts, & sweep between scheduled times

  • Restock the party cart and cooler, including water, sodas, and juice. 

  • Have cleaning supplies ready in the area for a spill or for set up for the next party.

  • Inspect all party areas to insure they are spotless, and tables are set to go for the next party.

  • Perform any other duties assigned. 

  • Mingle with guest and answer any questions they may have about future parties.

  • Follow your party schedule and ask team lead if you have any questions about it.

  • Make sure that all assigned parties are at their assigned tables.

  • Help other hosts serve their parties as needed.

  • Maintain good time tracking skills in order to ensure a good day for each party.

  • Absolutely no cell phones

Qualifications & Skills 

  • Be 16+ years of age

  • Have the ability to lift 20+ pounds, and assist on attractions in the event of an emergency.

  • Have the ability to effectively and verbally communicate with guests in order to ensure proper safety for everyone in the facility

  • Have the ability to stand for long periods of time without assistance

  • Have the ability to visually inspect all equipment for safety 

  • All employees are required to professionally communicate with management without the help of a third party (ex. parents, friends, or coworkers).

  • Employees should be able to manage time effectively and arrive to work on time.


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


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